Frazier’s maturity shining for Yankees

Estrada was shot in his hometown of Bejuma, Venezuela, in late January. He said two teens tried to rob him for his cell phone and cash while at a restaurant with his wife. When he told them he didn’t have either, one of them shot him.

The bullet is still in Estrada’s hip. Doctors there tried to take it out but actually may have made the wound worse, Mitchell said. So they gave up and left it there.

Though New York has played him at second and third base to enhance his versatility and to accommodate higher-profile prospects such as Gleyber Torres, there’s no question that Estrada is a big league shortstop. He covers a lot of ground thanks to his smooth actions and keen instincts, and he has the plus arm to make all of the throws. He’s also an asset at second and third base, and he’s athletic enough to handle the outfield if asked.

He is his own man.

You might not know the name Rashad Greene yet. You will next year.

Greene is a wide receiver for the Jaguars. If you do know him, it might be for one of the biggest plays of his young career, this punt return against Indianapolis last December.

Bennett responded similarly when he spoke to Philadelphia media last week, though he didn’t mention the we don’t have to take a knee part.

Here’s what he said last week…

For us it’s just about the work and how much work we can do in the community. A lot of times it gets mixed up… but it’s really about: how can we build bridges from different communities and become a better organization. That’s our focus as a team and then our focus as people, how can we be a better organization and better people outside. That’s how I feel.

The most interesting part of this Sports Illustrated story on the beginning of legal gambling in New Jersey is the picture showing Super Bowl odds.

The goal of oddsmakers is to encourage gambling. That’s understood.

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