Six to 10 states could have sports betting programs by Week One

The floodgates are open, but it may take a little time for the water to get through.

In the immediate aftermath of the Supreme Court ruling that paves the way for states to adopt sports wagering, a sports media executive with knowledge of the overall betting landscape and dynamics has predicted to PFT that six to 10 states will have sports betting programs in place before the NFL regular season begins.

The new Bears tight end, just one of several big-money additions to Chicago’s offense entering 2018, admitted that Trubisky still has to prove himself in his first full season as a starter. But he also said he’s “extremely impressed” and “definitely” has “no doubt about his ability and what he’s able to do.” Drafted second overall just like Wentz, the Eagles’ 2017 MVP candidate, was a year before him, Trubisky opened his rookie season on the bench behind Mike Glennon but started the team’s final 12 games, throwing seven touchdowns and seven interceptions. He also rushed for 196 yards.

That statement ended by expressing the view that “the athletes must also have a seat at the table to ensure that players’ rights and the integrity of our games are protected.”bucks_513

First, he should be a box-office draw. Even though Manziel hasn’t played in the NFL in almost three years, he’s still one of the most famous names (or, perhaps infamous is more accurate) in professional football. Also, if he plays like he did at Texas A&M and for brief flashes with the Browns, he should be a very good player in that league. The Tiger-Cats’ preseason opener is June 1. Their regular-season opener is June 16 against Calgary.

The NFL will be watching NFL teams have not been fighting to get Manziel into a camp. NFL teams watched Manziel at a couple college pro days this offseason, but that story got overblown. He was asked by college players if he could throw to them during their workouts. It’s not like NFL teams were there just to see him. However, the teams were there and got to see he has been working out. They’ll keep eyes on his CFL games to see if he can still make the plays that led to him being a first-round pick. The NFL has plenty of unexciting quarterbacks on the back ends of rosters; Manziel could prove to be an upgrade.

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