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NFL to consider several proposed kickoff rule changes

Several proposed rule changes aimed at improving player safety during kickoffs will be presented to NFL team owners at next week’s Spring League Meeting in Atlanta.

The proposals, which need to be approved by 24 of the 32 NFL team owners before being ratified for the 2018 season, will make kickoffs more like punts and limit full-speed collisions. The proposed adjustments were made in conjunction with special teams coaches and members of the league’s Competition Committee during a player safety summit at the league’s headquarters in New York earlier this month.

Then there’s the money, something of which Brady has plenty but apparently is seeking more. His contract situation has always been a fascinating topic. He has accepted lower salaries over the years to help the team sign quality players, a strategy that has paid off in Super Bowl appearances and victories.

I’ve always been partial to Game 4 of a 2-1 series. It determines the entire feel going forward. After 48 minutes, the series is either tied or almost decided, with very little middle ground. The tension is momentous.

We have two such Game 4s in these otherwise very boring conference finals — starting Monday night in Cleveland. If the Cavs win, they go to Boston with the world’s best player, momentum, and very rational confidence — as opposed to the irrational brand that drives every Jordan Crawford/Clarkson one-versus-everyone prayer. Boston cannot bank on winning every home game (right?). If Boston wins, Cleveland stares again into the LeBron-might-leave abyss — only with an even deeper deficit.

Ty Lue is riding with centers — Tristan Thompson and the revitalized Larry Nance Jr. — and gave both of them a clear directive in Game 3: stick with Al Horford at all times. Horford is one of the wiliest screeners in modern NBA history. He loves to slip picks before really setting them, or to veer off toward the 3-point arc. He’ll sometimes meander out as if to set a screen, only to stop five feet short and force his defender to navigate a confusing situation.ravens_170